One Way Fitness

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Who We Are

A Little about myself:

I come from a humble background filled with love and determination. My work ethic was developed during my early childhood.  I come from a single-parent household and observed my parent’s determination to ensure we had what we needed.  I've made that sense of determination my own.

As a child I was active and exploratory. When I wasn’t finding something to expand the horizons of my mind I was increasing the limits of my body.  In my mid to late adolescent years, my older brother introduced me to martial arts which came as natural to me as a bird flying.  I remained focused on my physical abilities through my high school and college years; and, during my enlistment in the United States Air Force I found new experiences and challenges which I met enthusiastically.

After my time in the military I pursued a career in finance because of an overwhelming desire to help people.  However, during this time I found myself educating family, friends, and associates more and more about fitness and health.  I made the choice to leave the finance world and pursued and received my certification as a personal trainer from the International Sports and Science Association while gaining practical knowledge and experience at an independently owned Gold’s Gym in Newburgh, NY.  It was an excellent opportunity that allowed me to understudy with nine different personal trainers at once, and I was able to broaden my horizons greatly because of each of their different areas of expertise.

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to help others; something that has always been in my heart, and in a way that I am truly passionate about.  I believe our bodies are our temples, and these temples may have been designed to have all different shapes and sizes but they serve the same purpose; to house the Holy Spirit.  My task is to mentor and demonstrate to you how to become a "Good Steward" of your body by also caring for your spirit; the only way that you can. I will help you get your temple to and remain in the condition it is supposed to be in so that it may serve its intended purpose.